Hi! I'm Borislav Hadzhiev 👋

I've been programming every day for the past 7 years. On the days that I'm not able to directly write code, I read books and watch courses.

I don't keep track, but I believe I've read more than 800 programming books and watched hundreds of courses.

I consider myself a shameless cloner - I try to learn from everyone. I write down everything that makes sense to me and could potentially benefit me and increase my productivity.

My view has been - I don't have enough time to figure out a lot of these things on my own, so I've decided to abandon my ego and try to learn as much from others as possible.

If my blog starts getting traction, I'll start publishing articles where I share some of the notes I've taken over the years.

I like finding new ways to save myself time - automating things, solving problems, writing clean code. The code for the articles is available on myGithub.

Frequently asked questions

I use React.js on the frontend, Node.js on the backend and CDK to provision and manage my AWS infrastructure. I write all my code using TypeScript

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I'm a Web Developer with TypeScript, React.js, Node.js and AWS experience.

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