Hi! I'm Borislav Hadzhiev 👋

I've been programming every day for the past 8 years.

I try to learn from everyone. I write down everything that makes sense to me and could potentially benefit me and increase my productivity.

My view has been - I don't have enough time to figure out a lot of these things on my own, so I've decided to abandon my ego and try to learn as much from others as possible.

I wrote a book, in which I share everything I know about how to become a better, more efficient programmer, check it out.

I like finding new ways to save myself time - automating things, solving problems, writing clean code. The code for the articles is available on myGithub.

Frequently asked questions

I use React.js on the frontend, Node.js on the backend and CDK to provision and manage my AWS infrastructure. I write all my code using TypeScript

You can contact me by emailing me at bobbyhadzhiev@gmail.com