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Borislav Hadzhiev

Sun Dec 27 20201 min read

I rarely use the man pages, because it's way quicker to google for the syntax of a command or for a specific flag than go through a large volume of information that you most likely don't need

However I found a package that summarizes the output of the man pages and offers a simpler alternative - tldr

In order to use it all you have to do is install it via npm:

npm install -g tldr

Then in your command line type tldr <command>:

tldr ls

The output shows ls - List directory contents. and the most commonly used flags with the ls command and their purpose, i.e.:

- List files one per line: ls -1 - List all files, including hidden files: ls -a - List all files, with trailing / added to directory names: ls -F ...etc

This saves me a lot of time having to parse through the verbose man pages.

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