Solve - Cannot find module 'yargs' error


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Solve - Cannot find module 'yargs' error #

To solve the error "Cannot find module 'yargs'", make sure to install the yargs package by opening your terminal in your project's root directory and running the following command: npm i yargs. If you use TypeScript, install the typings by running npm i -D @types/yargs.

// ⛔️ Cannot find module 'yargs' // Error [ERR_MODULE_NOT_FOUND]: Cannot find package 'yargs' // imported from bobbyhadz-js/index.js import yargs from 'yargs'; import {hideBin} from 'yargs/helpers'; yargs(hideBin(process.argv)) .command( 'curl <url>', 'fetch the contents of the URL', () => {}, argv => {; }, ) .demandCommand(1) .parse();

Open your terminal in your project's root directory (where your package.json file is located) and run the following commands:

npm install yargs # 👇️ only if you use TypeScript npm install --save-dev @types/yargs

This will add the yargs package to the dependencies of your project.

If the error is not resolved, try to delete your node_modules and package-lock.json (not package.json) files, re-run npm install and restart your IDE.

# 👇️ delete node_modules and package-lock.json rm -rf node_modules rm -f package-lock.json # 👇️ clean npm cache npm cache clean --force npm install
Make sure to restart your IDE and dev server if the error still persists. VSCode often glitches and a reboot solves things sometimes.

If you're still getting the "Cannot find module 'yargs'" error, open your package.json file and make sure it contains the yargs package in the dependencies object.

{ // ... rest "dependencies": { "yargs": "^17.4.0" }, "devDependencies": { // 👇️ only if you use TypeScript "@types/yargs": "^17.0.10", } }

You can try to manually add the line and re-run npm install.

npm install
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