Customizing Headers for an AWS Amplify Deployment


Borislav Hadzhiev

Thu Apr 22 20212 min read

Updated on Thu Apr 22 2021

In order to customize the Headers of our AWS Amplify deployment we have to edit the customHttp.yml file

Setting Custom Headers for AWS Amplify Deployments #

We often need to customize the headers of an AWS Amplify hosted website.

Common use cases include:

  • specifying a Cache-Control header, because caching is always more intuitive / transparent if we manage it ourselves.By default AWS Amplify doesn't cache content in order to provide instant updates on deployment.

  • adding headers related to security.

To customize the headers of our AWS Amplify deployed site, we need to create a file named customHttp.yml in our project's root directory.

For the caching use case, we could provide additional headers to an AWS Amplify deployment like so:

  - pattern: '**/*'
      - key: 'Cache-Control'
        value: 'max-age=60, stale-while-revalidate=60'

Let's go over the yaml properties, we've specified.

The pattern property serves as a matcher, the headers are only applied if the pattern matches. In our case we're doing a catch all, but you could be more specific, with a pattern like: '*.html' or '*.png', which would mean the defined headers only apply to html or png files.

The headers property is just the name of the custom header, i.e. Cache-Control, and the value is the value we want to set for the header.

Deploying the Header changes to AWS Amplify #

The way we persist the changes we've made to the Headers of our AWS Amplify site differs, depending on our selected deployment method.

When using CI/CD deployments with Git, you have to push to the repository's main branch, in the same way you push changes to your site.

When using manual deployments you have to re-deploy your app for the changes to take effect.

Note that your custom headers will not be updated in the Amplify console, which is a little weird, but they will work regardless.

For example, my custom headers are empty in the Amplify console, but the Cache-Control is still applied:

custom headers empty

Further Reading #

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